The Absolute Best Rooftop Summer Soiree With Perrier

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Perrier flavors

Perrier flavorsSummer days in New York are far from being dainty: subway delays, honking traffic and shockingly humid afternoons make you wish you could be on Fire Island to avoid the sweaty city heat. However, where should you go to escape the concrete inferno when you aren’t affluent enough to afford a share in the barrier island?

perrier flavorsSimple, you go to a rooftop! These seasonal high-sky lounges are urban sanctuaries with Manhattan skyline views, where you can get some fresh air while sipping on something bubbly and sweet, like the new Perrier flavors. – Fun fact: I have been an avid Perrier drinker since I became obsessed with France and its culture back in 2010 when I was trying to learn French. #jeparleunpuedeFrancais

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perrier flavorsBesides the taste, another thing that draws me to Perrier is its long-lasting collaboration with distinguished artists like my personal favorite Andy Warhol. This summer, AKACORLEONE (Pedro Campiche), created an epic art installation inspired by the colors and tastes of Perrier flavors.

perrier flavorsPerrier flavors are vibrant and refreshing yet sugar-free and calorie-free. As soon as saw the bottle, I knew I needed to wear a motley outfit to match the sparkling character of it. And this hidden oasis was just the best way to top it all off.

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Perrier Flavors

Tell me, what inspires YOU? Is it the bewitching chaos of the city or the courage and creativity of its people? Discover more flavor inspiration by clicking HERE and use the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the page for a chance to win Perrier for a year!

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    These trousers are pimp!!!

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