Getting a good night’s sleep with Leesa mattress

The mattress was provided by Leesa for the purpose of writing this story. However, rest assured all opinions are 100% my own.
Getting a good night's sleep with Leesa mattress
Morning feelings

Shopping for a mattress can be a pretty big deal. Especially if you’re in the market for a bed-in-a-box, there are plenty of options. Since I’ve never owned a mattress – no, I do not sleep on the floor! I’ve just always lived in furnished apartments – I was really excited when Leesa reached out.

But what differentiates Leesa from other similar companies… their commitment to social responsibility. They are a B-Corp certified retailer. What does this mean? Let’s put it this way, a B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee, or USDA Organic certification is to milk. Got it?

Getting a good night's sleep with Leesa mattress
Homer and I have been sleeping like babies on the Leesa mattress

Whit this in mind, for every ten mattresses sold, Leesa donates one to those in need. If that wasn’t enough, they have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every mattress they sell. I strive to be a better human being every day; because of that, I make sure the values of the brands I collaborate with, are in line with mine. Honestly speaking, I really enjoyed working with them and you can also check out this Leesa mattress review and coupon to get a different perspective.

I’ve been sleeping on my Lessa mattress for about month, here are my thoughts.

The woven cotton cover is beautifully designed and super soft to touch. – If I’m having trouble falling asleep, I just rub it and pretend my imaginary boyfriend is next to me.

Getting a good night's sleep with Leesa mattress

I’m a side sleeper, and I found the Leesa mattress firmness very comfortable.

Getting a good night's sleep with Leesa mattress

As a hot-blooded Mexican, foam mattresses can become a hell of a nightmare because they sleep hot, but I didn’t experience that with Leesa. The Avena top layer foam indeed provides supreme breathability.

Getting a good night's sleep with leesa mattress
I love how my Leesa mattress matches my bedroom theme

The superior quality comes at a great value! And since Leesa and I want you to GET A BETTER SLEEP TONIGHT, you can use promo code “manchic” to get $100 off your purchase. You’re welcome!

Getting a good night's sleep with Leesa mattress
If you’re looking for a bed in a box, Leesa is a great option

In case you don’t like it, the Leesa mattress comes with 100-night sleep trial, which means you can return it within 100 days of purchase for a full refund.

Getting a good night's sleep with leesa mattress


All things considered I honestly enjoy sleeping on my Leesa mattress, because it is super comfy. Unfortunately comfort is very subjective. So make sure you do your research because buying a mattress is a huge life commitment.

Getting a good night's sleep with Leesa mattress

Message in the comment section if you decide to give Leesa a try and tell me about your experience.

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