How to Build the Most Sickening Festival Outfit

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With festival season in full swing, I figured I would share some tips on building the perfect festival outfit so you can land on the best-dressed list. Whether you’re headed to Coachella or your local gay music fest, the key is to be yourself while looking stylish and somewhat comfortable.

I have always incorporated mesh pieces, funky patterns, and killer glittery makeup for my favorite festival-inspired outfits. But remember, the weather can be unpredictable, so layering is key.

Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize with some eye-catching sunglasses and a cute crossbody bag. The goal is to have a look that shows your personality and catches people’s attention – well, not really, but that’s always a plus!

So keep scrolling and learn how to build the most sickening festival outfit.

1. Pick out the right top – something light, airy, and breathable. Opt for mesh or crochet tank tops.

The quintessential festival outfit
Mesh all day
Crochet you stay

2. Find a unique pair of bottoms that are both stylish and comfortable – my go-to is a loud pair of neon leggings or, even better, a full-print body suit.

Neon baby
I never met an animal print I didn’t like
It’s giving painter

3. Amp the volume with an oversized pair of shades with colorful lenses or anything visually striking.

I c u baby!
The future is queer and so are these sunglasses
The green factor

4. Layer up that festival look – think denim jackets, loose shirts, and outerwear.

Coachella vibes
When you’re part of the line-up
Stylish and cozy

5. Find the perfect sneakers for your look – ones that will stand out and last through the whole thing.

A pop of color goes a long way
Chunky and comfy
Category is workwear

6. Accessorize with the latest “it” bag to carry all your essentials – even if it’s just chapstick.

California dreaming
Tu parle francais?
Are you wearing the Bottega bag? YES

7. Top it off with the right bucket hat to keep rocking all day, even in the sun.

Practical and cool
That 70’s show

8. Complete your outfit with graphic and glittery makeup and an edgy gel manicure.

Add face gems for extra sparkle
Colorful and fun
Go crazy with your mani

What’s your favorite festival outfit? Let me know in the comments.

Cheers Queers!

Jorge Gallegos

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