Standing My Ground

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Standing My Ground

Standing My Ground

You might have noticed my absence on Instagram, – and the truth is, since Election Day I have been extremely anxious and overwhelmed.  Sharing a photo of my latte or my OOTD seemed…, well insulting. And don’t get me started about gathering my thoughts for this post; it was complicated. On the one hand, I want to offer an objective commentary; on the hand, it’s hard to remain impartial. Especially when fundamentals human rights are under attack. So just like my gal from Man Rapeller, I’m standing MY ground.

It’s been almost two weeks since the President took office and oh boy, what a shit show! It makes me sick to my stomach reading breaking news headlines: one outrageous Executive Order after another. While I wasn’t born here, this is my home. I feel the need to speak up because the current actions and policies implemented by the new administration not only affect American citizens but also immigrants like myself – and thousands of others who have come here pursuing a better life.

I understand American’s frustration with the “inefficiency” of the government – after all, that’s one of the reasons why I left my country. Still, let’s put our political views aside and acknowledge how aggressive and extreme these measurements are towards a particular group of individuals. To be honest, I’ve never been the one to talk about politics or religion… But thanks to this mess, I’ve felt compelled to read about it, to engage and to take action. For that, I’m grateful.

If you’re also feeling inspired and want to participate somehow, my friend and fellow blogger Will Taylor (Bright Bazaar) put together a list of ways you can contribute. In my research, I discovered Indivisible GuideA practical handbook intended to serve as a resource to all individuals who would like to participate in the democratic process more efficiently. I will encourage you to read that too. Also, I suggest you start paying attention to the behavior of the executives of the products and services you are consuming. Make sure your money isn’t contributing to the problem but instead going towards a solution.

Am I concerned about losing followers or partnerships for expressing my beliefs, not really… On the contrary, I’m excited to associate with brands that are not afraid of standing up for those being unfairly treated. Like GREATS – a recurrent on the blog. On Wednesday, Ryan Babenzien, Founder and CEO announced that they would be donating 50% of their net profits from sales for one week, (Feb 1-8) to the ACLU. So go ahead and support them with your purchase or donate to the ACLU directly.  

While I hope you see this as a genuine effort on my side to be part of the greater good. I will still continue advocating for EQUALITY and justice for all people. In the spirit of becoming a better person, I want to ask you: What else would you like me to talk about here? Besides pretty boys and nice clothes. What are issues that concern our LGBTQ community? How can I use this platform wisely for both interesting and sensitive issues?

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