Coolpad Conjr: An Affordable & Attractive Smartphone

Coolpad Conjr: Affordable, attractive smartphone Do you remember how much press Anna Wintour got back in 2014 for being seen with a flip phone? I guess she didn’t like all the gossip about her old phone because she quickly switched to a smartphone. And you should too! Otherwise, how will I get all your nude Snaps?

If you, are also looking to upgrade your device, let me tell you about Coolpad Conjr – an affordable and attractive smartphone. This 5-in Android phone is equipped with multi-fingerprint to unlock, a shiny 2.5 D Curved Glass design and 13 MP Rear Camera + 8 MP Front Facing Camera – with a fun age recognition feature.

Coolpad Conjr: Affordable, attractive smartphone

I didn’t understand the selfie mode at first, but after taking a couple of photos, I finally got it. When using the FFC, the phone recognizes a face and gives it a nickname and a number representing age. For example “Attractive, 24” – see what I did there? It’s an interesting characteristic you can use to fool around with your friends. The Coolpad Conjr also has multi SIM support. For any international travelers, this is a game changer. Forget about the hassle of changing cards, with this function it’s easy to switch between sim cards quickly.

Coolpad Conjr: Affordable, attractive smartphoneHonestly, I’m not familiar with Andriod phones, and I don’t know if this had anything to do with it, but I found it somewhat difficult to navigating the screen. While using some apps, I couldn’t click on some buttons as fast as on my current phone. The speaker is ok, but not as loud as I would want it to be. Overall, it is a good smartphone, covering all the basics at a low-cost. In my opinion, this works better as a second/backup phone, for travelers or business people. Though, it would be ideal as a first smartphone for your entitled teenager or someone on a tight budget.

Coolpad Conjr: Affordable, attractive smartphone


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