The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Wondering what to give to that special someone on Valentine’s Day? Here are some great gift ideas for the man in your life. Whether he is your boyfriend, partner, “gym buddy,” friend with benefits or that cute Starbucks barista you have a crush on. Don’t you worry boo, I got you covered.

Rick Day Bel Ami ($107.20)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s DayI can identify Rick Day’s male photography without hesitation. The beaming light touching the naked body of a well-endowed model is quite distinctive. Now, if you’re familiar with the Bel Ami models – exuding youth and allure – you can assume the result is a tastefully provocative book. He will enjoy flicking through the pages, let’s just hope he can keep his hands to himself.

The Underwear Expert Gift Subscription (Starting at $24.00)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s DayThere’s nothing sexier than a man bulging in his underwear – at least in my eyes. But watching a guy in any skivvies doesn’t necessarily gives me a chubby, the fit and style must be right. If your lover could use a little “lift” down there, why don’t you lend him a hand by sending him The Underwear Expert Club, Gift Subscription? You can choose 1, 2 or 3 pairs of underwear and send it for 1, 3, or 6 months. He then gets to decide what he receives, previews & refines his order before it ships. – And for all those single boys like moi, gift the membership yourself. Use the CODE ManChic for 30% OFF your first month of The Underwear Expert Club. – Who says you need to have a Valentines to enjoy this holiday?

Sorry I’m Such an Asshole Balloons ($15.00)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s DayLet’s face it; relationships are hard. Intentionally or not, you are going to fuck up (at some point). For when that time comes, and words are not enough, why not apologize in a sincere and corky way? This package contains 12 standard latex “Sorry I’m Such an Asshole” balloons (red, blue & yellow) printed on both sides. Hopefully, a package will be enough to earn your boyfriend’s forgiveness.

Oh, Susannah Big Spoon Little Spoon Pillowcase Set ($ 35.00)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s DayHow many of you have use sex as an excuse to cuddle? – I have, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! The feeling of holding onto your lover’s bare chest in bed is beautiful, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to share my bed with every night. For those who have, Oh, Susannah Big Spoon Little Spoon Pillowcase Set is a charming gift. In case that spooning isn’t your thing, sets like MR & MR and HUBS & HUBS are available too.

Donald Eres un Pendejo T-Shirt ($20.00)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s Day

Are you dating a Latin guy? If your answer is yes, this is the ultimate present for the “liberal” Hispanic, gay male. No sugar-coating it, the message is simple, Donald Eres un Pendejo. By the way, all profits from these shirts are donated to charity, something we know Donald will hate.

Create-a-mate The Ultimate Penis Casting System-Suction Cup Kit ($54.95)

In theory, sexting, your long-distance boyfriend is a fantastic idea. – But if you aren’t careful, those things might end up on Tumblr. Keep those raunchy photos to yourself; instead, surprise him with a replica of your endowment. Better yet, ask him to help you make it. Wine plus penises, doesn’t that sound like an exciting evening? Next time you’re horny, and he’s out of town, Facetime him. And watch your doppelganger in action. Now! That’s how you keep the flame alive.

Harry’s Daily Face Wash ($7.00)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s DayKissing your beau’s face good morning it’s a fantastic way to start off your day unless he has a greasy face, #gross Harry’s Daily Face Wash combines the deep cleansing benefits of a foaming wash with the gentle exfoliation of a facial scrub, leaving the skin feeling cool and clean. This is one of my grooming essentials; I use it every morning after the gym. The eucalyptus and peppermint deliver a fresh sensation. If that wasn’t enough, Harry’s wants you to try their shave plan for FREE! Yeah, you just need to cover shipping. – That’s a steal.

Devotion Vodka ($24.97)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s DayA Valentine’s date night wouldn’t be complete without a cocktail. However, making a reservation on that night is almost impossible. Skip the hassle, stay home with bae and crack a bottle of Devotion Vodka – the only sugar-free, gluten-free, American made vodka with 96 calories a serving. A “healthy” cocktail option for your special someone.

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick Of Soap ($9.95)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s Day

“Daddy” is a hard working man, this V-Day show him how much of a good “boy” you are by giving him something big, masculine and nifty like Duke Cannon Ass Brick of Soap. #sizedoesmatter I’m sure Daddy will appreciate the manly, clean scent with a hint of grass.

Tie The Knot Bowtie ($25.00)

The Ultimate Gay Gift Guide to Valentine’s DayMarrying the love of your life on Valentine’s? How cliché romantic. I mean it makes sense, after all, this day is dedicated to love. Why don’t your soon to be husband and you, wear Tie The Knot bowties on your big day? You will look sharp while advocating and contributing to LGBTQ equality.

Mr. S Leather Rose ($20.95)

You can’t go wrong with flowers on Valentine’s Day. But if isn’t your man’s idea of a romantic gesture, why don’t you give him a bouquet of Mr. S Leather roses? While you’re at it, get a neoprene puppy hood and deliver those in all fours. In my book, that will get you extra cuddles and even more that night.

Everlane Twill Weekender ($98.00)

If you are one of those annoying gay couples – I’m allowed to say that because I’m single (and bitter), that likes to hit the gym together and spot each other; The Twill Weekender is for you. You can toss into the locker room, set it on the weight room floor and if you spill your pre-workout on it, don’t worry just wipe it off. This bag can handle severe conditions.

Sean O’Connor’s I Got You 2016 Print ($50.00)
Art makes a timeless gift for that special someone in your life. Before you go and buy everything from a gallery, consider his taste and space. Also, pick something that can be easily framed like Sean O’Connor’s “I Got You.” This 11 x 14-inch gallery-quality paper is the ideal size. Plus, you will be delivering a frank and striking message, for better or for worse you will stand next to him. On top of that, 100% of the profits for this print go directly in support to The Trevor Project. – It feels good to be good.

PHLUR Fragrances – The Quintessential Gift ($95.00)

Choosing a fragrance to give to your loved one can be tricky. It’s the most thoughtful gift but a waste of money if you don’t get it right. With this in mind, Eric Korman, founder of PHLUR Fragrances, created a whole digital experience where the recipient will choose what HE or SHE receives. You read that right this is a UNISEX brand. Did you think I was going to forget about you ladies? In three simple steps, your baby will receive a digital/physical card, three sample bottles (to test out the scents in the flesh). Lastly, after they are fallen in love with one, they can redeem the big prize: a full-size bottle of fragrance. Not only this is a unique gift but also a conscious one because of $5 from every PHLUR full-size bottle purchase – including The Quintessential Gift – goes back to charitable organizations.

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