Flowers – Not just for Vday!

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You know the phrase “you must first love yourself, before you can love another”? Well, I’m kind of going through that. For the past few months I have been learning to take care of me, – physically and mentally. And it feels so fucking GOOD.

The road that led me to this point was long and bumpy. However I’m genuinely happy to be discovering myself again. Some days I do better than others – hey, that’s life. Of course, I would like to have someone to cuddle with, especially on Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing wrong with being single and treating yourself.

That’s where 1-800F comes in! Because flowers can brighten anyone’s day, and today they are cheering up mine. And if you hurry up, you can still get 20% OFF with my link.

But in all honestly, 1-800-F is good any time of the year and for any occasion. You can even use them for all your DIY projects, like I did here. – Kings & queens are not the only ones who deserve a crown! 

Jorge Gallegos

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