I can’t stop wearing the undies I got from The Underwear Expert club

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The Underwear Expert Club
The Underwear Expert Club
Here’s what I got from The Underwear Expert club

Most straight guys don’t care about buying underwear. Usually, their girlfriends, wives or even their mothers end up getting them for them. If you are like of one these guys, newsflash! Its time to grow a pair and get your own. Here’s a good starting point: The Underwear Expert club subscription box.

The reason why I think guys — whether straight or gay, (believe me, I’ve seen some questionable taste in undies from gay men) should try The Underwear Expert club is all in all their curating system is ON POINT: offers a broad range of fits, styles, and colors.

The Underwear Expert Club
Wearing my favorite jock from Garcon Model

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Besides, joining the underwear club is as easy as a few simple clicks. First, you’ll choose the type of underwear you prefer (briefs, boxer briefs, trunks or jockstraps). In the next section, select as many styles as you want – that way they can figure out your overall taste. After, pick a few colors – this will allow them to create your color palette.

The Underwear Expert Club
Sporting a jockstrap from PUMP! underwear

Then is time to let them know your size and finally, you’ll decide how many items you want (either one, two or three) and how often you want to receive them (every month, two or three). Heads up, you can even gift it to someone and don’t forget that the more items you choose, the least each pair costs. – Wasn’t that child’s play dude?

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What I like the most about The Underwear Expert club is that you can actually choose the underwear they will send you, or you can let them surprise you. – I’m a control freak so I decided to hand pick what I was going to get and I can’t stop wearing them. Either way, now you won’t have to remember to buy underwear ever again.

The Underwear Expert Club
I chose 3 pairs of underwear

Photos Jarriel Jones

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