I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000

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How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000

Did you know that there a lot of dudes who would pay top dollar for used and worn underwear? Oh yeah! The internet is full of people who fetishize dirty underwear – whether they enjoy the natural manly scent or, want to purchase a pair that someone has jacked off in. Interesting, isn’t it?

How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000

Hey, no judging here, because last summer, somehow I found myself selling my worn underwear (for charity). Yes, for CHARITY you little pervs! The occasion? An underwear auction by GDMAF’s (Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund) Team Metro to raise money for Dallas LifeWalk. If you are not familiar with LifeWalk, they raise AIDS awareness and funds to help HIV+ men, women and children in North Texas.

But how did my underwear sell for $1750 – the highest bid ever for any of their underwear auctions? Well here’s how it all went down…the task was pretty simple: wear some underwear throughout the event, engaged with attendees and hope for the best.

How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000
Wearing #TomboyNeutrals trunks by Tomboy X underwear

Honestly, I was a bit scared no one would bid on my skivvies – some of the other guys were fitter than me, and there was even a pornstar. So I logged into my Scruff to tell guys I was at the Dallas Eagle hanging out in my briefs. Luckily for me, a guest saw me online and recognized me – he was totally turned on by the idea of buying my worn briefs.

Our chat turned steamy right away, with him fantasizing about what was underneath my briefs. I indulged his imagination and told him if he bid on my undies, it would be worth it. At the same time, my friend William showed up to the club with his neighbor – whom I had hooked up with before. I greeted both, and I told my “lover” he better not let me down. Let the games begin!

How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000Later on I was greeted by “Charlie” and “Tim” – a friendly and lovely older couple that had just shown up and who were displaying their admiration. I must say, I was getting a little more confident at that point – and perhaps the fact I’d been drinking helped some, too. Regardless, I expressed my fears hoping someone would save me from being a “cheap sale.

How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000
My worn underwear sold for $1750 – the highest bid ever for any of their underwear auctions

Once my auction started, the guy from Scruff, my lover and “Tim ” were bidding for my underwear.  The bid started low, at $25 I believe. Then, suddenly these gents started trying to outbid each other: $250, $300, $450… At around $750 my lover threw in the towel, and that’s when things went nuts.

How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000The guy from Scruff pulled out a check for $1000. I was in shock. He and “Tim” went at it, I don’t even remember how it happened, but at the end, “Tim” got my underwear for $1750… $1750 people! The highest bid ever for any of GDMAF’s Team Metro underwear auction.

SIDENOTE: I ended having dinner with “Charlie” and “Tim” that night and eventually became really good friends. To the point where I shot this editorial at their house. How wonderful is that?

How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000

Well, on Friday, June 29th, I’ve been asked to join MetroBall 2018 – the largest fundraising event for Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund. An all-volunteer 501(c) organization that serves the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in North Texas.

I will be in my underwear again, only this time I will be selling raffle tickets – although if anyone buys enough, I might let them have my worn underwear as a token of appreciation.

So if you’re in the DFW area this weekend, come and check out the fantastic headliners: Shannon and Expose – Both are award-winning 80’s pop and dance artists, a special appearance by RuPaul’s Drag Race Asia O’Hara and of course your favorite raffle boy: MANCHIC 😉

How I sold a pair of worn underwear for almost $2000

Get your tickets HERE or if you can’t attend, support the remarkable efforts of this organization by donating HERE.

And for all you little pervs reading this…if you would be interested in a MEMBERS ONLY section with artistic NSFW content? Let me hear from you. BRING ON THE PANTY SNIFFERS!

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