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Pride weekend may be over, but the party’s just getting started!

Because today I’m spilling the tea on my new venture as DJ House of Manchic. Plus, you’ll enjoy an exclusive Pride mix featuring my favorite dance tracks and some throwback queer anthems, all with a fierce twist.

House of Manchic was actually born during quarantine (cue the dramatic music). It was a tough time, being stuck at home and all, but music was my saving grace. I mean, do you remember all those DJs killing it on Twitch from their living rooms? It was straight-up inspiring!

The energy and positivity I found in the Twitch community sparked in me the idea of learning how to DJ. I’ve always liked music and entertaining, and it also seemed like a natural evolution as a content creator.

For me, being a DJ, it’s all about creating the vibe and getting the crowd hype! There’s nothing more magical than when the whole room vibes with the tunes I’m mixing. Like, I’ve got some tracks that give me all the feels, you know? They give me chills, make me wanna tear up, or lift up my spirits. When I’m spinnin’, I wanna take you on that same emotional journey!

My sound tt’s a sick blend of Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, and Dance/Electro Pop bangers. My sets are packed with my top tracks of the moment and songs that make the crowd go wild. And I live for that epic beat drop!

My goal with this new project is to elevate my audience’s vibration and healing through the power of music. It’s my way of continuing to give back, showing up for my community, and showing pride in being my authentic self. If that inspires others to do the same and find their power, then mission accomplished.

I’m still refining my craft, but I can tell you that this mix is something special – it features my favorite dance tracks and some throwback queer anthems, all with a fierce House of Manchic twist. It’s the perfect set for Pride season and beyond.

manchic · DotGay Pride Mix

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